Netflix iPhone app moves the mobile needle again


With the recent release of the Netflix iPhone app, the nation’s millions of iPhone users (who subscribe to Netflix) can now watch their favorite movies and shows without having to turn on their TVs. Who cares? Plenty of people. The Netflix app claimed the number one spot on iTunes’ Top 25 Free Apps chart the very day it was released.

It’s just another example of how mobile marketing is transforming the way people receive news and entertainment, conduct business and connect with friends. Think it’s all hype from the mobile providers and technology companies? Consider this:

  • 70% or more of people between the ages of 18-54 use text messaging (PewResearch Center)
  • 34% of US mobile users access the mobile web (eMarketer)
  • The average number of apps per handset? (Nielson)
  • Blackberry: 10
  • Windows: 14
  • Palm: 14
  • Android: 22
  • iPhone: 37

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Mobile marketing is here to stay. And it’s working.

The American Red Cross received donations for its Haiti earthquake relief campaign via SMS from 3 million unique donors.

The Irvine Shuttle in California just implemented real-time shuttle arrival info via text messaging.

Apple iAd mobile advertising platform seems to be an early hit with marketers claiming that their iAds “tended to pull in users and keep them interested for significantly longer than other kinds of digital ads.” In fact, according to Nissan, users spent an average of 90 seconds on their interactive ad for its electric car, the Leaf. That’s about 10 times longer an interaction than for comperable mobile ads.

The bottom line: Mobile marketing isn’t a fad. It’s a viable communications tool that offers a higher level of customer engagement than many other forms of marketing. If it’s not a part of your plan, perhaps it’s time to take a closer look.

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