QR Codes for Home Builders

QR codes provide a great marketing opportunity for home builders.  While tech savvy real estate agents have already jumped on the QR Code bandwagon, builders have been a bit slower to adopt the new technology.  Home builders shouldn’t shy away from the technology, though, as it has a lot to offer.  QR codes can increase engagement, record impressions, and provide valuable data to potential buyers. But before we jump into the best uses of QR codes, let’s review the technology itself.

A QR Code leading to Red Rocket LA

A QR Code leading to Red Rocket LA

“QR code” is shorthand for “Quick Response Code,” and even if you don’t recognize the name, you have probably seen them around. They look something like this – - – - >

QR codes are simply a new way to store information as a graphic, much like a bar code (or an alphabet, for that matter).  Typically, these codes are used to store the information required to make a hyperlink, allowing them to point smart phones to a specific webpage. In fact, you can think of them as real world “links” for smart phones.

Why should Home builders use QR codes?

We know that when a new housing development is being constructed, many people are curious about the new homes in the area. Typically, home builders have provided signs with a picture, a small description, and contact information for the benefit of homebuyers and neighbors alike. However, times have changed. Since the mass adoption of smart phones, many consumers expect information to be immediately accessible.  A simple telephone number will no longer cut it.

Instead of seeing QR codes as just another hoop to jump through, the smart home builder will think of them as an opportunity to provide high quality, engaging information that will keep a development at the top of the prospective buyer’s list.

A QR Code display sign from  Marcraft Homes

A QR Code display sign from Marcraft Homes

What information can Home Builders provide with a QR code?

Here are 7 ways QR codes can help home builders:

1)   Welcome Video – by recording a short video, builders have the opportunity to create a personal message to prospective buyers that offers a human side to your development. Videos are great for establishing a first impression of what it will be like to live in the community.

2)   Map of the Area – if likely buyers are unfamiliar with the area, consider creating a simple map of the area that highlights attractions.

3)   Coupons – by partnering with local businesses, home builders can encourage potential buyers to sit down and have a cup of coffee in the area, giving them the opportunity to imagine living in the neighborhood.

4)   Listing information, including building plans, floor plans, amenities and pricing.

5)   Links to the websites of local schools and community centers.

6)   Registration for a walk through or open house.

7)   Photo galleries

Potentially, builders could create a unique micro site for each of the above categories, or they could make one large website that covers several topics. Whatever you do, be sure to optimize everything for mobile. That means no flash sites!

QR Codes Sound Great, But How do I Get Started?

Here is a basic overview of the QR code process:

First, create your destination sites, and make sure they are optimized for mobile browsing.  Then, use a QR code generator to create the codes for the destination sites. Next, use a smart phone and download a QR code reader to test your codes.  You’ll want to print out your codes at different sizes and test them from various distances.  Finally, incorporate your codes on your signs, business cards, fliers, or other promotional materials.

For more detailed instructions, check out Builder Project’s guide to QR codes and tech savvy agent’s 5 best ways to use QR codes in real estate.

Additional Resources:

Vyoo.it is a service designed specifically for mobile real estate listings. It even automatically generates a QR Code.

Goo.gl will turn any URL into a QR Code, and will help you scan the number of codes tracked (just add .qr at the end of the short code!)

Zxing Project free QR code generator

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