Pinterest Board

Pinterest Board

What do you know about Pinterest, the fastest growing social trending site that recently reached over 10 million monthly users? Pinterest is now considered to be one of the top 10 social networks in the world with the main user group being females between the ages of 25 and 44.

Pinterest is a free website by invitation only. You can request an invitation from Pinterest or be invited through Facebook, Twitter or via email by someone you know who is already a member.

Pinterest is really about you. You are sharing things that reflect your personality, things that appeal to you. And it’s a way to connect to others who are interested in the same things.

Pinterest changes the way visual content is being delivered. Instead of tweeting it or liking it, you can pin-it. With their “Pin It” tool, Pinterest will allow you to grab any image from the web and pin it to boards you categorize according to your interests. Not only are you keeping an organized record of your searches, but you are sharing with everyone in the Pinterest community.

One of our co-workers recently pinned several recipes she intends to make at some time in the future. Within an hour, no less than 20 people were “following” her. Followers can view your boards, and they can re-pin entries on to their own boards. They can also comment on your pins. You can see how quickly these pinnings can go viral.

Many reviewers mention that Pinterest is very Etsy-like in part because early on, the content has been focused on crafts, fashion, decorating; but there is a much broader spectrum of categories that span just about anything you can think of – from motorcycles to Michelin to Mariachi Bands.

Pinterest is also a great way to showcase your business or products. You can create a board with photos of your products. Your description identifies the source which includes a link to your website. When your board is viewed or when an image is re-pinned, it provides a direct link to your website where consumers can view and purchase any of your products.

And just a reminder that the photos on your website need to be posted in a format that makes them easy to pin.

You will be hearing a lot more about Pinterest as marketers find ways to use this powerful and popular site to enhance their programs and promote their client’s products. Or maybe you will just find out more about your friends and what things interest them.

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