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How do you reach Chinese customers? A Chinese language website, of course.

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Just in time for the Chinese New Year, red rocket LA Marketing & PR has launched the first Chinese language website for longtime client and home builder, LA Urban Homes.

The Chinese website is an adaptation of the general market site that we created last year to promote LA Urban Homes’ four neighborhoods within the Azusa master-planned community of Rosedale.

In order to completely engage the buyer profile, mainly first generation Chinese or buyers of Chinese descent, LA Urban Homes marketing director, Jil Blumberg Froman, charged us with creating a Chinese language website. Made total sense. After all, beyond having sales professionals who could converse in the proper Chinese dialect,  it was truly the best way to connect with this target.

Prior to translating the English language website’s copy into Chinese, we worked with Chinese marketing strategists to revise the content so it would resonate more with the target. For example, on the English language site, the Local Area section highlights stores and conveniences in the immediate area. For the Chinese site, we modified the focus of that section to provide information on nearby vacation destinations that we knew were popular with the target, such as Mt. Baldy and Lake Arrowhead. In addition to showcasing the local public services, we also made a point of highlighting the neighborhoods’ close proximately  to public services in neighboring cities that would be of key interest to Chinese buyers.

Once the copy was reworked, it was translated and incorporated into the site design. We were very selective with the team members we put on this assignment. For the process to work smoothly, they had to be proficient in both Chinese and English. They were. The site launched on Saturday, January 21, just days before the Chinese New Year.

To  direct prospects to the site most relevant to them, the  English language site features a graphic in Chinese directing viewers to the Chinese language site. Similarly, the Chinese language site features a graphic in English directing views to the English language site.

As far as we know, this is the first Chinese language website for a US developer.

In addition to the new website, red rocket LA has been supporting LA Urban Homes’ Rosedale neighborhoods with ads in Chinese newspapers. We also intend to communicate with the target via other Chinese language online tools, such as email, for those prospects who select it as their preferred language.

At red rocket LA, we believe this is just the first of many Chinese language websites that we will either adapt from existing sites, or create from the ground up. It’s simply too large a market for home builders to ignore.

You’re a home builder, do you use Social Media?

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Most likely, the answer is no.  The home building industry has been one of the slowest to adopt using this now emerged media.  But when 84 percent of homebuyers begin their property search online, builders need to be online as well.  They can’t afford not to, it’s where their audience is now.

The home building industry is starting to catch on to Social Media but many do not know where to start.  Carol Ruiz, principal, public relations for red rocket LA, participated in a Webinar put on by Big Builder magazine on how to best use Social Media in the home building space. Carol Flammer of mRelevance in Atlanta also participated, while Sarah Yaussi, editor of Big Builder Magazine, hosted.

Even if you aren’t in the home building industry, this Webinar is chock full of valuable advice for anyone to apply.