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Why do companies avoid engagement in social media environments?

Friday, January 25th, 2013

DNDSocial media has helped break down the walls between brands and consumers. With a simple post or tweet, we establish a direct line to our favorite (or most hated) restaurant chain, auto manufacturer, movie studio, etc. And the fact that these brands go to the trouble to establish a Facebook or Twitter account tells us that they are interested in hearing what we have to say and want to engage in conversation, right? Not always. In some instances they’re just going through the motions – entering the social media fray  because not doing so would show a clear disconnect from today’s media landscape. They may maintain a presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Pinterest, but that’s all it is, a presence. These companies don’t communicate with the people who visit their pages. These people are customers or prospective customers, and they’re trying to have a conversation with these brands, but the brands are silent. That begs the question. “If you’re not going to engage in the conversation, why come to the party at all?”

Here’s an example from a little company you may have heard of – Pizza Hut. Several months back I tried to place an online order but couldn’t remember my password. I followed the prompts to reset my password and got an unusual security question:

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 11.15.01 AM

At first I thought, wow, Pizza Hut has a sense of humor. Good for them. They also responded quickly, which was a good move. That’s as good as it got. I followed their request to contact them and described the problem. Never got a response. Others then started “liking” my post and commented that they were experiencing the same issue. In this whole string of comments (33 as of a few days ago), not once did Pizza Hut respond. That’s not what I call being very social.

Pizza Hut isn’t alone in this type of  behavior. There are many companies that simply set up social media accounts because that’s what everyone else does. But if you’re not engaging in conversation, you’re really missing an opportunity to connect with your customers, build trust and build brand loyalty. So don’t be silent. Your customers really do want to hear from you.

Pizza Hut rakes in the dough with iPhone app

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Drag & drop your toppingsSeveral months ago we posted about a new Pizza Hut iPhone app that let people order their pizza and play a pizza delivery inspired game right on their phone. According to a recent article in Mashable, the pizza maker has generated incremental sales of more than $1 million dollars since the app’s introduction. The app’s success has surprised many, including Pizza Hut’s own senior director of digital marketing, Bernard Acoca.

“We always saw a steady level of growth with our mobile business via our WAP site, but to be candid it wasn’t the explosive level of growth we’ve seen with the iPhone app. iPhone applications capture consumers’ imagination in a way that WAP sites simply can’t do, so the decision to expand to the iPhone was as good one for us.”

In addition to bringing in added revenue, the app has also earned one of the highest distinctions available; it’s been featured in an iPhone TV ad.

Click here for the full story.

Pizza 3G – new iPhone app from Pizza Hut

Friday, July 17th, 2009

No stranger to alternative ordering platforms, Pizza Hut already allows customers to order through its website, a widget on Facebook and via texting. It’s new iPhone app completes the digital picture by letting users build their own pizzas by scrolling, tapping and tilting their phones to choose a crust and toppings. They can also scroll and tap to choose their style and sauce for the chain’s new chicken wings. Read full article

Makes calls and pizza too.

Makes calls and pizza too.